Snohomish County organization finds housing for people in need with donated trailers

An organization based in Snohomish County got tired of waiting for outside assistance and answers while they worked to find housing for those in need, so they took action themselves.

The Angel Resource Connection is an organization that works to serve the homeless with food, clothing and housing resources, as well as kindness.

For a little more than a year, the group has been working on its Moving Forward Program.

"We were so frustrated in all the way we were trying to get people into housing. Trying to get a housing voucher can take three to five years," said Penelope Protheroe.

Protheroe is the founder and president of the Angel Resource Connection. She says she saw an opportunity open that would streamline the process.

Protheroe says they were able to secure a trailer for someone who was homeless, and get the trailer into a mobile home park.

"The landlord gave us seven days to put a trailer on it, and within an hour, a trailer was donated to us when we posted on social media," she said.

In a little more than a year’s time, Protheroe says they have been able to house seven different families.

Families like Courtney Weber and Dakota Moody.

"It’s been amazing. It’s been a total change in all of our demeanors. I can definitely tell in all of our health and everything, of course. Being able to breathe better, being able to open up the windows and see the sunshine and everything, that’s been wonderful. It’s truly a blessing," said Weber.

Weber says she and her partner, and their baby had a rough start to the year. They had to find a new place to live and fast.

Weber says she works full-time at a grocery store, but still, things looked dire.

"I think our options would have been a homeless shelter or being split up," she said.

Protheroe says she was able to find the young family a new home, by connecting with a woman who had a trailer she was looking to donate.

"I wanted to give it to someone that would use it and needed to use, and viola, there she is," said Olivia Bergan.

Bergan dealt with heartache this year when her husband died. For months, his trailer sat in Bergan’s driveway unused. 

Now, it is where Weber and her family call home.

"It’s truly a blessing what they’ve done for us," said Wever.

Protheroe says the people receiving the trailers must be able to afford the monthly rent for where the trailers are parked. The families also must be drug-free.

The trailers that are donated must be in good shape, meaning they have to be safe, have no mold, and have to work properly.

Protheroe says she has a long list of people who are looking to find housing through the Moving Forward Program.

She says Angel Resource Connection is looking for anyone interested in donating a trailer to contact them.

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