The Spotlight: Where’s the Justice?

The cities of Seattle, Tacoma, and Everett expect to end 2022 with record or near-record numbers of homicides, even as they experience staff shortages. Too many families seeking tips from the public are left grieving with no answers on their loved ones' unsolved murders as we head into the holidays.

The Spotlight: Faces of Fentanyl

In this episode, we shine The Spotlight on some people, places and things you might have missed—but need to know—in the never-ending parade of headlines focused on fentanyl. Lost in the shuffle of all the bloodshed, arrests and seizures are the faces of people experiencing heartbreak, and speaking plainly about the scope of this crisis. With fentanyl and meth equally stalking victims on the streets, we also found help, hope and possibly even a miracle cure.

The Spotlight: Vigilante Justice

You have a right to feel safe in your own home, to know that if you are a victim of crime you will get a prompt response from police and their best efforts to get justice for you. More and more we are hearing stories of people taking the law into their own hands and though that can go wrong quickly, can you really blame them? The Spotlight takes an in-depth look at vigilante justice, plus what law enforcement leaders say needs to change to improve police response and safety in Washington state.

Rash of retail thefts: 'That little petty theft charge ain’t going to do s**t'

FOX 13 News has obtained surveillance video and pictures from several recent retail thefts across Puget Sound, and many are wondering what can be done to stop these crimes. Video captured an apparent retail theft happening at a Covington Fred Meyer on September 27. FOX 13 News reporter AJ Janavel stumbled upon a crime happening in the act. He announced that he was a reporter to two people who were wearing masks, and who left the Fred Meyer with a cart full of cases of beer. One of the people address Janavel as he record the situation saying, "That little petty theft charge ain’t going to do s*** anyway. Record that."