Escaped cartel gun maker, rape suspect found in tent 100 yards from prison

Authorities say Andrew Kristovich escaped an Oregon prison, traveled to an acquaintance's house in Clark County, Washington, where he allegedly assaulted and raped her before fleeing with her debit card, cellphone and car. The survivor told FOX 13 that the attack lasted two and a half hours, and she passed out several times due to him strangling her. A few weeks later, Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong told FOX 13 that Kristovich was staying in a tent on a property only 100 yards from a prison. Kristovich was armed with an AR and five magazines, but surrendered when he saw his tent surrounded by deputies. He told deputies that he drove a stolen car to Nevada, but authorities have not located it.

The Spotlight: Abolish the police?

Escaped federal prisoner Andrew Kristovich walked out of a minimum security federal prison camp in Oregon and coerced his ex-girlfriend into picking him up. Then she says he viciously sexually assaulted her, stole her car, phone and debit card, then went on the run ditching the car in Edmonds, Washington where he has family. Kristovich was eventually tracked down near Carson City, Nevada where he surrendered to a SWAT team. Plus, Mike Al-Aboudy the missing brother of murder victim Arkan Al-Aboudy turns up after two months and calls The Spotlight. He tells The Spotlight where he’s been and what he thinks happened to his brother. And we hear from Shaun Scott, an activist who wrote an article for Crosscut called 'The time to abolish Seattle police was yesterday'

Escaped cartel gun maker and rape suspect apprehended in Nevada

US Marshals were on the hunt for an escaped Federal prisoner Andrew Kristovich. He walked out of the Federal Prison Camp in Sheridan, Oregon where he was serving time for manufacturing AK-47s for associates in a Mexican Cartel. His ex-girlfriend telling The Spotlight in an exclusive interview: once he got free he raped her, stole her car, debit card, and phone, then drove to Edmonds, Washington. Several days later, Kristovich was located in a tent nearly 100 yards from a Nevada prison. He was arrested and taken into custody

The Spotlight: City of Everett's unique approach to hiring police officers

The City of Everett is aggressive and forward thinking about hiring for its police department which dedicated two detectives to processing background applications. That shaved weeks off the process allowing them to make candidates quicker. The city also hired a production company to create a video touting the benefits of living in Snohomish County, Washington and how much the city supports its department. The Spotlight's cameras were on set for the shoot and met Det. Danny Rebelos, the man behind the campaign.

12-year-old's message to father's killer: 'It broke my heart when my mom said my dad was taken away'

Detectives have shared video exclusively with FOX 13 in hopes of solving a 2020 homicide on a King County roadway that left a 12-year-old boy without a father. FOX 13 News crews were at the scene in the early morning of Oct. 6, 2020 as troopers shut down both directions of Highway 18 in Auburn to investigate the homicide. Investigators arrived to find 36-year-old Timothy Robinette dead at the scene. Now, the boy has a message as police search for his father's killer.

A missing link: Growing DNA databases help solve mysterious murders in Washington

Thanks to breakthroughs in science and growing databases of DNA, cold cases are starting to get cleared more often, sending shivers down the spines of predators who thought they would get away with it. It's also giving hope to the families of victims that they might actually get justice. Take the disturbing murder in 1995 of Patricia Barnes for example. Her nude boy was found in Kitsap County, Washington. She had been shot twice in the head. It was a case that stymied investigators for more than 20 years until Kitsap County Sheriff's Detective Mike Grant solved it thanks to DNA.

The Spotlight: DNA cracks cold cases

Imagine a world where it’s impossible to commit a violent crime more than once. What used to seem like science fiction is now closer to reality. We meet the scientists at the frontier of the genomic revolution. Solving cold cases by turn tiny collections of cells into proper names.

New federal law creates grant program to help hospitals train sexual assault nurse examiners

Rape survivors can't just walk into any hospital in Washington state and find a nurse trained in the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner program. That is about to change thanks to the tireless efforts of Leah Griffin from West Seattle. There is now funding that increases nationwide access to trained nurses who can perform sexual assault exams. Hana Kim talked with Leah and with Senator Patty Murray who co-sponsored the federal legislation recently signed into law that will provide grants to train nurses nationwide. Here is the story that aired on The Spotlight.

The Spotlight: Mysterious murder of Arkan Al-Aboudy

A man searching for his missing brother is found shot dead outside a notorious homeless camp. Police have no leads. So David and Retired Sgt. Jim Fuda hit the streets looking for tips, and find some interesting information.