Biden names John Kerry as climate envoy

President-elect Joe Biden has picked climate-change older statesman John Kerry for a newly created role of climate envoy for national security.

Weekend gardening outlook: breezy but beautiful

We're cooling off but drying out this weekend. It's a rare treat to have a dry weekend during our wettest month of the year. With several blustery storms this week-- it's a great time to clean up the yard. If you're not phased by the brisk north winds-- you could get up on the ladder, clear the gutters, or put up holiday lights.

New study: Hood Canal Bridge is a big fish-killer

A long awaited study from local environmental non-profit Long Live The Kings show how much of a trouble spot the Hood Canal Bridge really is for migrating fish trying to get from Hood Canal to the open ocean. But solutions could be quite affordable. 

Chinook salmon decimated, southern resident orcas are residents no more

Summer is synonymous with seeing whales in the Pacific Northwest, but visits from the locally-beloved southern resident orcas are becoming few and far between. Experts say the dramatic absence is likely directly tied to tanking salmon returns in the Fraser River, which were historically abundant.