Some parents pulling their kids out of school due to lack of remote learning options

With the upcoming school year about to start in just a matter of days for many schools, some parents are upset about a lack of remote learning options.

For the Miller family in Whatcom County, sending their two youngest kids back inside a classroom is too risky for them.

"I have three people close to me who have died who were all under the age of 40 so I’m not going to risk it," Miller said. 

Miller says she’s hooked up to an IV every day because she suffers from a rare connective tissue disorder.

"It’s called Ehler Danlos syndrome," Miller said.

With her 6 and 8-year-old not eligible for the vaccine and the Delta variant at play, the Ferndale mom says remote learning is vital for them.

"Some of the school staff responded saying there is no remote option, a lot of people are scrambling right now."

When we reached out to the Ferndale School District, Superintendent Dr. Linda Quinn sent this response:

"We have an online option for students in grades 9-12 called Ferndale Virtual Academy. For our students in grades K-5, we offer a Parent Partnership (home school support) Program."

Miller says a home school program is not sufficient.

"Don’t just leave us to the wolves and have us fend for ourselves," Miller said.

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From Ferndale to Kent, the sentiment is similar.

"I have completely lost faith in the school district," Trina Washington said.

Washington says her 10-year-old suffers from sickle cell disease.

"My worst fear is that he will get sick and he has no immune system or not anything to fight off what we are dealing with in this pandemic," Washington said. 

The Kent School District right now is not offering any remote options.

The state is requiring every school district to offer 100% in-person learning for those who want it.

But remote learning has been left up to each school district.

"I feel that all schools should offer it even if they are not required to," Washington said.

Both moms say they feel trapped and plan to take them out of their schools.

"I have made the final decision to take him out of the Kent School District," Washington said. 

"No way I am going to risk it, I’m pulling them out of the school district," Miller said.

Q13 News has repeatedly reached out to the Kent School District but they have not responded to our questions.


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