Board considers parental permission for students to join school clubs

The school board in Marysville is again discussing a policy that would require students to get parent permission to join a school club. This comes after debate over LGBTQ clubs - specifically some people worry that this policy would target kids who need support at school but aren't ready to come out to their parents.

35 Marysville teachers laid off due to budget cuts

The Marysville School District announced on Friday that it has sent layoff notices to 35 teachers after voters rejected a pair of school levy extensions that covered up to 18% of the district’s yearly budget.

Seattle Culinary Academy close to permanently shutting down

Over the next few days, leaders of Seattle Central College will decide the fate of a program that has been a part of the city's restaurant scene for more than 80 years. Seattle Culinary Academy, located on campus, has churned out many world-renowned chefs and culinary leaders over the years. But its fate as a program and school is numbered, primarily because of a lack of funding.