Seattle organization raising funds, supplies to support fight against COVID-19 in India

The COVID-19 crisis in India is hitting home for many families in Western Washington.

Vaibhav Jain lives in Redmond and works at Microsoft, but said his thoughts have been with his loved ones in India.

Two of his good friends are currently in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), he said, while showing Q13 News a picture of one of his friends.

"I don’t want to lose him. He’s one of my best friends and one of the very good-natured guys I know," said Jain. "I’m talking to my family and friends back in India every night. Sometimes I’m talking to them until 1 a.m. or 2 a.m."

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Manish Jain also lives in Redmond and works at Amazon. He said he has been keeping in touch with his family in India as well. His parents and siblings are all there, including a sister who is a doctor and working on the frontlines of the pandemic.

"So many people are dying and they’re not dying because of no cure, but lack of supply," said Manish. "This pandemic does not differentiate between race, color or gender. It’s a war against humanity to some extent, so let’s fight it like that."                   

Both of them are part of the Jain Society of Seattle, an organization that is spiritual, cultural, and community-oriented.

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Together they are collecting donations to send essential supplies to India which include meals, medical expenses, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and oxygen tanks.

"We just talked, we have to do something about this, you know, we’re depressed. It’s difficult to concentrate on work, a lot of side effects of those things started to happen," said Manish. "That’s priority number one. How can we do small things from our side and even save one life."

"Just come together help as much as you can," said Vaibhav. "Whatever is in your reach, and we can fight against this Covid situation so we can all come out of it."

So far the Jain Society of Seattle has raised nearly $10,000. They’re hoping to raise even more money to send as much support as they can to India.

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