Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee


Seattle, you are something!

I feel incredibly lucky to call the Evergreen State my home. From the beautiful mountains to the Puget Sound and lakes galore, it all takes my breath away every single time.

My parents’ brave steps from South Korea brought them to a small borough in northern New Jersey. I have fond memories of tagging along with my dad on his errands to Manhattan. To this day, the smell of the NYC subway brings back childhood nostalgia.

I first got my calling to journalism in high school, but it would be the experiences of affirmation thereafter that truly solidified my passion for the craft, and more importantly, the communities we serve.

One was during my freshman year of college at Penn State. A photographer spent an entire year studying and learning about the culture behind the Philadelphia Mummers Day Parade. His excitement and wonder of the decades-long family tradition were contagious, and I was hooked.

My jobs have taken me on a tour of the northeast: right by the Mason-Dixon line in Hagerstown, MD, to lake effect snow in Rochester, NY, and the charming New England state of Connecticut. Reporting has put me in waist-deep snow, a street protest that would last hours and even thousands of feet underground in a salt mine. I’m here to serve you!

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