Restaurants continue to suffer amid restriction extension

Governor Jay Inslee's extension on current restrictions on indoor businesses, restaurants, and gyms is impacting businesses already hanging on by a thread.

Domani Pizzeria and Restaurant is one of just a few businesses open in Queen Anne.

"I don't know if I'm going to make it honestly. We're just going day by day," said owner Nina Pumpalov.

She understands the extension was due to record high COVID-19 cases in Washington state but can't help feel frustrated.

"I believe it's the safest decision but from my point of view, we did everything to keep customers and our staff and ourselves safe," said Pumpalov.

Pumpalov said the restaurant's large dining area makes it a safe place to enjoy a meal while being socially distant. She said revenue is down 50% and the short time indoor dining was allowed was a big boost for business.

"For the short time that we opened, we just started to get the regular customers back. They're excited to come back and now we're shut again," said Pumpalov.

She says the cost of outdoor dining isn't financially viable so it will just have to be takeout and delivery for now. She predicts it will be 3 months top before she and her husband will have to reevaluate their restaurant's future. 

"We don't want to change venues and professions. We just hope to survive. I just hope businesses survive. That's what helps the city keep going," said Pumpalov.