Renters, property owners say Inslee's extension of eviction moratorium falls short

During the Governor’s press briefing on Thursday, he announced the eviction moratorium will be extended until December 31.

The latest moratorium was set to expire on October 15.

Sean Case lives in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood and has been advocating for housing support throughout the pandemic.

He works as a cook at Glo's on Capitol Hill and was out of a job during the early months of Covid-19 that shut down the economy.

“I’m making less money, therefore my rent is a little harder to pay than it used to be. It’s good that (the eviction moratorium) is there. I don’t think it should be lifted by any means.”

Case said he is not at risk of being evicted but wishes more help was available for housing during the pandemic.

“Rent and mortgage payments should be canceled on the local, state and federal level,” said Case.

While tenants may be protected from getting evicted, unpaid rent will continue to accumulate into debt.

The governor’s moratorium advises landlords and tenants to come up with a payment plan that is reasonable. Tenants who are unable to pay residential or commercial rent must also prove their financial hardship.

“What’s needed most desperately from a lot of households in the State of Washington is income relief so that they can make rent payments,” said housing advocate Roger Valdez. “It’s a truly bizarre situation that you have a Governor who continues to extend an eviction, ban but he has done nothing, or very little, to solve the problem of unpaid rent.”

Valdez is the Director of Seattle for Growth, and ordered a report that collected and analyzed rent roll and survey data. Based on that information, he believes the state could’ve invested millions of dollars in housing payments to help families facing financial hardship.

The president of the Washington Landlord Association said landlords are being devastated by this proclamation.

The Governor will sign the proclamation to extend the eviction moratorium on Monday.

As for Case, his workplace is giving back through a community meal program by providing meals to neighbors who don’t have homes. You can check it out on Glo’s website.