People traveling, families gathering despite Thanksgiving recommendations

Despite warnings from state and national health leaders, people say they’re still going to gather and many are still traveling for Thanksgiving.

On Sunday night, the pace was picking up at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The CDC has warned traveling increases your chances of getting and spreading Covid-19.

“I think there are a few people still wearing masks incorrectly on the plane and stuff like that but for the most part everyone seems to be on board,” said Haley Toy of passengers following restrictions.

Between November 10 and 20, there have been more than 19-thousand new Covid-19 cases in Washington State, according to data from DOH.

Families are being urged to limit Thanksgiving celebrations to immediate households.

“I think (the) happiest and best time of the year for me and my family,” said Teresa Vivolo of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Vivolo said the memories made during Thanksgiving are precious, and they spend it with both immediate and extended family.

“It’s not going to stop us. We’re very family-oriented. We’re very close. Me and my sister say we don’t care as long as nobody’s got Covid. Wear your mask, wash your hands and everybody don’t hug and kiss,” said Vivolo who said she’d prefer gathering outdoors with her family if possible.

However, the guidance from State health officials is clear to avoid gathering with anyone else outside your bubble.

If you still insist on gathering, health leaders recommended a two-week quarantine, and having Thanksgiving outside with just five additional people from outside of your household.

“It really isn’t too late to cancel plans,” said Dr. Kira Mauseth, DOH Behavioral Health Strike Team. “A colleague of mine just said spend Thanksgiving alone this year, so that when we gather together next year everyone will be there.”

Dr. Mauseth said it’s important to acknowledge how hard this is on everybody, and that Covid fatigue could lead us to make impulsive choices, not the right choices.

“I really would recommend trying to re-create the experience of what you’re looking for in Thanksgiving. If that’s just the day off, if it’s just the feeling of gratitude, if it’s gathering with loved ones, maybe if there’s a way to connect without doing it in-person,” said Dr. Mauseth.

Thanksgiving travel is expected to be lower this year, but 50 million Americans are still expected to travel for the holiday mainly by road trip according to AAA.