Mom horrified seeing video of 12-year-old daughter in fight involving adults

Tacoma police say they are investigating a report of two adults involved in a fight with a child during a kid’s event at a community center.

The incident happened Friday night at the Center at Norpoint.

An argument from inside the event spilled outside, and that is where the brawl happened, police said.

Cell phone video captured the entire incident, and is being shared both online and throughout the community.

"To see my daughter getting brutally attacked by an adult male, an adult female, a high school young lady, another middle school young lady, and someone kicking her in the head, it horrified me," said Aleteena Mobley-Rogers.

Mobley-Rogers' daughter is one of the people involved in the fight.

She says her daughter was at the kid’s night event, and someone spit into a cup and then threw the cup into her face.

Mobley-Rogers says her daughter tried to avoid fighting. Video from the incident, shows her daughter trying to walk away while a crowd of dozens of people surround her and egg on the fight.

"My daughter is 12, and they jumped and brutally beat my child, and it's ridiculous," said Mobley-Rogers.

She says the fight is just part of the trauma. 

Mobley-Rogers says she took her daughter to the hospital after the fight. At the hospital, she says one of the adults involved in the brawl called her and threatened her.

"If someone says they are going to shoot, or pull a weapon I take it very seriously," said Mobley-Rogers.

Tacoma police say they had officers at Meeker Middle School on Monday in response to the threat. 

Officials with Tacoma Public Schools say Meeker Middle School was on a modified lockdown. They say they take every threat seriously.

Mobley-Rogers says her daughter has not returned to school. She says her daughter has a concussion and a neck injury from the fight.

Mobley-Rogers says despite the trauma this incident caused her family, she feels the need to share the story.

 "If it’s going to help promote any type of justice for Alaya, or to make sure it doesn’t happen to another child, because if it happens to one it happens to all. So, being in an uncomfortable situation is something I'm willing to do to make sure that this never happen to anyone else," said Mobley-Rogers.

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FOX 13 News spoke to officials with the Tacoma NAACP who say they are working the family.

Tacoma police say the incident is under investigation.