Gold Bar restaurant defies governor’s orders

A Gold Bar restaurant is defying the governor’s orders and opening its doors to dine-in customers.

This past week, Governor Jay Inslee extended the state-wide restrictions until January 11th.

However, one restaurant owner in Gold Bar decided she will no longer follow the governor’s mandate.

"All you hear is how you’re going to get fined, you’re going to lose your license, you’re going to lose your liquor license, but I’ve pretty much lost it already, other than they haven’t seized the property," said Jane Boglivi.

Boglivi is the owner of the Mountain View Diner.

She has owned the restaurant for about 30 years. She says as a single mom, this business is what helped her to raise her two children. Now, she fears the state’s restrictions will force her to lose her livelihood.

"’We’re not selfish. We’re so far in debt and we’re not willing to go any more in debt because we can’t," she said.

Boglivi says she can understand why some might disagree with her decision, but she says it is a choice.

"By all means stay home. I get it. I’m not forcing anybody to do anything. There’s no right or wrong answer here. My answer is I need to stay in business," she said.

Online, Boglivi is receiving criticism for her decision. However, there are also people showing support.

"When I saw the open sign when I drove by at 1 o’clock from the post office, I said we’re going to eat there and we’re going to eat there more often," said Dale Peterson.

Boglivi says people from all over Western Washington are coming to the restaurant to show support.

She says for her family and her employees’ families she has no plans on closing her doors.

"I’m so upside down, it will take me years to dig out of the hole, and I’m not willing to go any farther in. I’m not willing to lose everything I’ve worked for as an adult.

Governor Jay Inslee said there will be more information announced this upcoming week on the state’s plan to re-open safely.