Father wants change in Marysville School District administration after daughter's life threatened

Saturday, a father demanded action after his daughter’s life was threatened following a racial incident in the Marysville School District.

This past winter two racially motivated incidents caused controversy in the Marysville community.

The first incident happened in December when a group of kids threatened the lives of fellow students in a ZOOM chat.

"When another student threatens another student’s life that is not a joke," said JJ Frank.

Frank says his daughter is one of the kids targeted in this incident.

The NAACP Snohomish County says the students involved in the incident received a suspension and a move to a different high school in the district.

Investigators say the second incident involved a threat posted to social media.

The NAACP Snohomish County says that threat was posted on a snapchat account associated with one of the kids in the first incident.

No charges were filed in the first incident.

The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office has recommended a hate crime charge in the second incident for a 20-year-old.

Frank says not enough action has been taken regarding these threats.

"They said they want to kill my daughter, my fifteen year old daughter," he said. "I cannot even put words of the trauma and pain and suffering that my family is experiencing, but I have to have a press conference to get the ear of the district administration," Frank added.

He is now calling for the resignation or firing of several Marysville School District officials.

Q13 News reached out to the Marysville School District Saturday but did not hear back.

Earlier in the week they sent a letter to district families addressing the incident. You can read the entire letter below.

The NAACP released this statement regarding the incidents.

The Marysville Police also released a statement regarding the incidents.