Inslee calls Trump's threats on reopening schools 'hogwash'

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said President Donald Trump’s comments earlier this week pressuring governors to open the schools in the fall were “hogwash” and he said the state will not be bullied into making potentially unsafe decisions during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Washington eviction moratorium extended until Aug. 1

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee on Tuesday extended the state’s eviction moratorium through Aug. 1, saying the intent of his order was to prevent an increase in homelessness during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Inslee: President Trump 'incapable of governing'

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said Monday that while the damage from weekend protests that turned violent must be condemned and those responsible prosecuted, “we will not allow that to obscure the justice of the underlying protest.”

Brandi Kruse: Why Governor Inslee is a master at the non-answer

Each week on “The Divide,” Brandi Kruse offers a commentary that looks for common ground on issues dividing Americans. Topics include gun control, free speech, policing, and politics.This week: During the Coronavirus crisis, Governor Jay Inslee  has been criticized for dodging questions. But who else is to blame for his non-answers?

2020 hopeful Jay Inslee: Build US foreign policy around climate

Democratic presidential hopeful Jay Inslee wants the U.S. to shape all foreign policy decisions around a commitment to combat the climate crisis, including willingness to use tariffs, other trade incentives and international finance rules to compel other nations to reduce carbon pollution.