Exclusive: Gerald Everett compares the Rams and Seahawks defenses

RENTON, WASHINGTON - JULY 29: Gerald Everett #81 of the Seattle Seahawks walks on the field at Training Camp on July 29, 2021 in Renton, Washington. (Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images)

Seahawks Training Camp is underway! Q13 Fox is your exclusive home for all things Seahawks. 

Q13 Sports Director, Aaron Levine, sat down with the Seahawks’ new tight end, Gerald Everett, about his journey to the NFL. 

Read the transcription below:

Levine: Your path to get here is crazy, no offers out of high school. Five different colleges is that right?

Everett: That’s right. That’s right. 

Levine: You got cut from a junior college, and then division one program you attended… it was eliminated completely? 

Everett: That’s true. That’s true, yeah, yeah.

Levine: Gerald, how are you here right now in the fifth year of an NFL career?

Everett: Well you know, I think with anything, you just have to just put your time in, stay determined, you know, stay focused. Things arise in life whether you're playing sports or just you know, in the workplace. You know, stuff arises and you have to move through it and just continue to work and just keep trying to reach your goal.

Levine: Shane Waldron comes from the Rams, so spill the beans for us, what will this new offensive look like? 

Everett: It’s going to be electrifying to say the least. You know it’s gonna be dynamic, very fast, very rapid. And we look to keep the defense on their toes. 

Levine: Is it gonna look more like the Rams offense has in the past?

Everett: I don't think so, we had a lot of different pieces over there. We have a lot of different pieces here that we didn't have in L.A. and vice versa. So I am really excited to see how it all unfolds. Across the board, you know everyone had re-routes and certain plays  so that’s something we didn't really have the freedom to do in L.A. 

Levine: You got stopped by TMZ a the airport in Los Angeles recently is that right?

Everett: That’s right, that’s right

Levine: That’s not gonna happen here in Seattle.

Everett: I know, I know it’s funny man, I’ve actually never had a TMZ encounter my five years in L.A. Wo for them to catch me on my last day in L.A. coming to Seattle was, you know, pretty surreal.

Levine: You're okay with that though? The paparazzi are not gonna be following you around here in Seattle.

Everett: Oh yeah, no. I’m loving that. You know, I like my privacy so you know I mean, those nosey media outlets can stay in L.A. 

Levine: Have you had any chance to look around the area and to experience some things this summer before training camp starts?

Everett: I’ll try. I’ll try to check out the Space Needle. You know I was recently informed about the gum wall I will try to get around and check that out. But you know just pretty much being up here and be as focused as I can. Make this the best year for us and myself.

Levine: You can contribute to the gum wall but I can’t think of somebody that can contribute to the gum wall more than Pete Carroll considering how much gum he goes through during a game.

Everett: (laughs) Right right yeah. Exactly. 


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