Thurston County residents prepare for risk of flooding the next few days

Residents in Thurston County are on edge, monitoring possible flooding in the area. This after, Thurston County Emergency Services sent out an advisory that Tacoma Power increased the water flow of the LaGrande Dam, putting residents at risk along the Nisqually River.

Around this time last year, we saw severe flooding in the area after the power plant released more water out of the dam, following record-high rainfalls.

Flooding was so bad at the Riverside Manor apartment complex in Olympia, residents kayaked through the parking lot. Countless cars were ruined, and several apartments were totaled. Many residents are fearful of a repeat of last year and tell us it’s a completely helpless feeling.

"It was terrifying. They’re still remodeling from what was totaled last year…now it’s just worrisome, just watching it happen and knowing you have no control it’s up to the weather and to the people who control how much water they're letting out of the dam," said resident Lindsey Chapman.


Another resident of the complex, Rick Fague, is currently in the hospital recovering from spinal surgery. His doctors want him to rest and recover, but he said he’s trying everything he can to be released early so he can get home. Fague said he's also terrified of what he could come home to.

"The feeling that goes along with that is indescribable it really is, you feel powerless you feel helpless you don’t feel like there's anything you can do about it," said Fague.

Thurston county emergency services say they are monitoring the area closely. Currently, the forecast shows that the water levels should stay below flood stage, which is 10 feet of water. But it will get close to that, peaking on Wednesday. By Friday levels should go down.

Though none of that is comforting to residents of the Riverside Manor complex. For now they’re asking for help getting sandbags, which they say helped save many homes last year.

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