Shoreline residents wake up to power outages, difficult driving conditions after widespread snowfall

Areas in Western Washington received snow Friday night into Saturday morning, but Shoreline was one of the hardest hit cities. Numerous people woke up with freezing temperatures in the 30s, and some without power.

Crews responded to a number of power outages in some areas of Shoreline, due to the snow storm. Local resident Tehmosp Khan was left without power since 3:30 a.m.

"We live in Shoreline, we had a lot of snow today and last night. Power is out, there was some big huge bangs last night that I heard, and it looks like the transformers are gone," said Khan.

Khan believes his electricity transformers are gone, because of the weight of the snow on the wires – which likely caused the power outage at his house. 

Khan and his wife were heating up their car to drive out somewhere to find warm coffee. 

"So we thought we should go out for some coffee, and because there is no power here, so no coffee for us, we have to go find a place that is powered in, and they can serve us some coffee."

For many, like khan, the snow storm caused power outages across western Washington – leaving many without TV, or internet during the FIFA World Cup. 

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"Today was the US and Netherlands game, of course no TV and no internet, so we had to watch that on our cellphones," said Khan.

As Seattle city light crews worked to restore Shoreline's power for some residents, Khan said he did not expect a lot of snow last night. 

"This is a lot of snow and as you can see, the road is pretty bad, and this looks like this might be our truck (Seattle City Light Truck) that is going to fix the electricity."

Snow gradually started to melt throughout the day as drier weather conditions took over, however, there's another small chance for lowland snow heading into Sunday.