Local shop installing more security measures after sixth burglary attempt this year

A popular game shop in the Chinatown-International District has experienced a rash of break-ins in the past year.

The owner of Pink Gorilla says the business has been targeted around six times in 2022 at the shop off of S King St. Because of that, he is going to take even more measures to make sure the business is secure.

In this latest case, Cody Spencer says the thief tried to break into the business Tuesday, but was unsuccessful—so he came back early Wednesday to finish the job. Security video showed him heaving a huge rock or chunk of concrete into the interior door of the business.

"This is a pretty large chunk of concrete, it looks like a piece of a curb, to throw through our front window," said Spencer.

The thief fled with a tub of lower-value video games, leaving thousands of dollars' worth of broken glass and damaged tile behind.

"The guy broke in yesterday, or attempted to, didn’t get very far," explained Spencer. "Tried to leave with some items, but he was caught by the police, so he dropped all the items."

Spencer had resisted putting up bars on the windows of the business, but now he says they have to go up. He spent the day securing the glass doors. 

So far, the city's crime data dashboard shows that Seattle Police have reported more than 5,900 burglaries citywide in 2022.

In the International District, there have been more than 369 larceny and theft offenses, and 117 burglaries reported so far this year.

The reports of burglaries did trend down over the summer in the district, with around nine reported in June compared to a high in April of 26. 

Many businesses have been targeted more than once. The Pink Gorilla shop alone has been broken into half-dozen times in 2022, including during a burglary that we reported on in July

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"We got broken into six times this year. In our 17 years in business, there were zero before that," said Spencer.

He said an alarm system had been installed in the building, so at least in this case, police got there quickly and recovered some items. He says his landlord is also considering more security measures, such as hiring private security, in addition to the steps he's personally taking to secure his business. 

"It’s a really awesome neighborhood. It’s got lots of great people and great businesses," said Spencer. "The cop that worked with me said he was the only guy for one neighborhood. I think he said like 16 city blocks. So, it needs some more love and to be looked after."

FOX 13 News reached out to Seattle Police for more information on the burglary at Pink Gorilla. A spokesperson says SPD hasn't arrested the man involved yet, and they don't have any suspect information. He says police haven't yet confirmed whether the two cases on Tuesday and Wednesday are related, or involve the same suspect.

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The cases are still under investigation.

The detective says they did question a man they found outside the business after they arrived early Monday morning, but they said he was having a mental health crisis and was unrelated to the case. If you recognize the suspect from the Pink Gorilla break-in, contact the Seattle Police Department.