'It feels like I was violated:' Law enforcement provides tips to avoid porch pirates during holidays

Porch pirates are targeting front stoops as the holiday season is in full swing.

Last Friday, Andres Reyes says he had a Grinch visit his front porch in Tacoma.

"Heart sunk, fell into my stomach, and I was like, ‘oh man, someone took my package,’" said Reyes.

Reyes’ surveillance camera captured the entire incident. 

The video shows a man creep down Reyes' street, loop around at the roundabout, then park in front of his home and sit for a few minutes. 

Several cars pass by on the street, then when the coast is clear, the porch pirate strikes and takes off with Reyes’ package.

"It feels like I was violated," he said.

Law enforcement says due to high numbers of crime, package thefts are a lower priority. However, they say there are ways to keep your stuff safe.

Law enforcement suggests:

  • Having your package delivered to a secure location – like a P.O. Box or to your work
  • Track your package and be at home when it arrives
  • Have a neighbor pickup your package when it arrives
  • Leave special delivery instructions, so the package is not left in the open