Issaquah man leading effort to give health care workers free smoothies

ISSAQUAH, Wash. - Every day we are spotlighting the helpers in our community: People who are going above and beyond to make a difference.

Heath Anderson owns and operates Fresh the Juice Bar in Issaquah. For the last several weeks he’s delivered over 1,000 smoothies to healthcare workers all over western Washington.

Heath started his company about seven years ago at the farmers market in Issaquah and he opened his restaurant about four years ago.

Business has slowed a great deal due to the pandemic so he decided to keep busy by doing what he knows, serving all-natural smoothies made from fresh produce, gluten-free granola, acai bowls -- things that are healthy but filling. And that has been perfect for healthcare workers who could really use the fuel.

"I've always loved volunteering and I figured I can't control what's going on right now - nobody can," said Heath Anderson of Fresh the Juice Bar in Issaquah. "I'm applying for every type of loan and grant there is I haven’t heard anything yet but in the meanwhile, I might as well keep myself busy and do what I like to do which is helping out other people."

So far they’ve made over a thousand smoothies for healthcare workers all around our region. Heath says his goal is to continue this work and start a charity to show gratitude to first responders and hospital worker

"We are all in this together keep doing what you're doing and we are going to support you however we can," he said. "I can't make masks or all these other things, but I can make smoothies so I might as well make smoothies and help them out a little bit."

Heath started a campaign called Smoothies for Smiles so he can keep buying the supplies to deliver the goods… to find out how you can help or just get involved, click here.