Idaho murders: Investigators traveled at least 24 miles to collect surveillance video related to the killings

Fox News has learned investigators traveled at least 24 miles to the east of Moscow, Idaho, to the nearby towns of Troy and Kendrick to acquire surveillance video in relation to the quadruple homicide of four University of Idaho students. 

An employee at a gas station in Troy, Idaho, about twelve miles east of Moscow on Highway 8, tells Fox News investigators asked for video, but their property doesn’t have a camera facing outside.

A manager from the Food City store in Kendrick, about 24 miles east of Moscow, tells Fox News investigators asked for video from cameras on their property. 

Fox News learned investigators traveled 24 miles in an attempt to acquire surveillance footage about the quadruple homicide of the four University of Idaho students. (Bing Maps)

That manager tells Fox News that on November 30th, the Idaho State Police requested video ranging from November 12th to November 14th and the business was able to digitally provide that surveillance footage. Neither the gas station nor the food store indicated they thoroughly looked through their own video for anything unusual. 

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Fox News also confirms investigators requested surveillance video from dozens of businesses within the town of Moscow, including a liquor store, a coffee shop, a gym and a gas station.

On Tuesday, Fox News Digital obtained a still frame from the gas station surveillance video that shows a four-door white sedan drive by around 3:45 a.m. on the morning of the murders. Investigators have said the students were killed between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m.

A cellphone photo of a computer screen showing a white car on Highway 8 in Moscow, Idaho, around 3:45 a.m. on Nov. 13, according to a clerk who found it while reviewing security footage. (Fox News Digital)

On Thursday afternoon, the acting public information officer for Moscow Police, Robbie Johnson, told Fox News that investigators are combing through information on 22,000 white 2011-2013 Hyundai Elantras registered in the Washington and Idaho region. Police are asking the public to be on the lookout for the Hyundai, saying the white car was at or near the crime scene on November 13, and as of Thursday afternoon, the driver or possible occupants have yet to come forward.

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Moscow, Idaho detectives are interested in speaking with the occupant(s) of a white 2011 to 2013 Hyundai Elantra, with an unknown license plate in relation to the investigation of a quadruple homicide on November 13, 2022. This image is not the car i

"We don’t know who owns the car, we need information from anybody that might connect us with who was in that car that night," Johnson told Fox News. "So, that could be anything ranging from somebody who happened to be there to whatever you might imagine." 

Police say the license is "unknown." Johnson would not clarify if the license plate could have been removed.  

State police forensics look for clues in Moscow, Idaho on Monday, Nov. 21, 2022. (Derek Shook for Fox News Digital)

Fox News asked Johnson how many miles outside of Moscow police might have traveled to request video surveillance. She would not specify but said video or tips could essentially come from anywhere in the country. 

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"It’s not just one thing that we’re looking into about the white car, it’s many, many different things and just taking that further until we get the answers we need or find it is not taking us anywhere," Johnson said.