University of Idaho murders: 10 key mysteries that need to be solved

Bryan Kohberger’s arrest has raised lots of questions about the Idaho quadruple murders. But this speculation focuses on two key points without any solid information: What’s the motive? And where’s the murder weapon? Yet there is one source of information we do have: the arrest warrant affidavit of Corporal Brett Payne.   

Grand jury indictment could speed up Bryan Kohberger's case

Bryan Kohberger, the 28-year-old criminology student accused of ambushing four University of Idaho students with a knife in November, waived his right to a speedy probable cause hearing, pushing back his arraignment by more than six months. But prosecutors can undercut the procedural maneuver by seeking a grand jury indictment, which would also spare the surviving roommates from having to sit in court across from Kohberger and face cross-examination during a preliminary hearing.