'I just remember the gun in my face:' DoorDash driver recounts attempted armed carjacking in Tukwila

A food delivery driver is sharing her story as a warning after she says she was held at gunpoint while picking up an order in Tukwila.

The incident happened at the Westfield Southcenter Mall, just before midnight on Aug. 9.

"He was pointing a gun in my face screaming at me to get out of the car," said 42-year-old April, a single mom of two boys.  

Out of fear of retaliation, she asked that only her first name be used. 

Shaken up and frightened, she recalls the incident she says has changed her life.

She was inside her car, had just picked up an order from a restaurant at the mall and was confirming the delivery address when someone threatened her with a gun and yanked her out of her car.

The mall is a common pick-up stop for April, who started working for DoorDash to make extra money to help with the bills.

"I just remember the gun in my face," April said. "I remember him wearing a gray hoodie, I could remember his voice telling me to get out of the car."

Despite the hour, the mom of two pulled up to a parking spot directly in front of the restaurant's entrance. Not too far away is a mall security camera, so she assumed she'd be safe. 

"Because if that gun would've gone off, my children wouldn’t have a mother to come home to," April said.

As the door of her car shut, the mother scrambled to her feet and ran inside the restaurant screaming for help. Fortunately, a man witnessed the incident.

"The suspect did not get my car. He was not able to start it, so he jumped out of my car and jumped into another car and took off," April said.

Her purse, wallet and other belongings were still inside the car. 

Physically, April has a few scrapes and bruises. But emotionally and mentally, she's still trying to grasp what happened.

"I have very bad anxiety. I can't go anywhere without having my kids with me. I probably will not do DoorDash no more because I fear for my safety," April said.

April is thankful she’s alive. While making ends meet might be tough going forward, her main goal is to warn others.  

"He's still out there, he’s still armed and is dangerous. He didn’t get my car, but what happens if he’s trying to find another victim another person that he can try to attack," April said.

Tukwila’s Police Department is waiting on surveillance footage to help identify the suspect.

She also reported the incident to the food delivery service and was told they were sorry that this happened. 

Now, the mother is left replaying a voice she says she will never forget.

While she waits for the suspect to be caught, she’s sharing her story so no one else goes through what she went through, and keeping other drivers safe.

"Women or men that are doing DoorDash or Uber, they really need to make sure they're watching their surroundings," April said.