Family of missing pregnant woman plans search for area where phone last pinged

It’s been over three weeks since a pregnant Parkland woman seemingly vanished the day before her first ultrasound, setting off a massive search for her that her family is working to keep alive. Kassanndra Cantrell’s loved ones are planning another search at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma this Saturday, hoping they’ll find something-anything, to help bring her home.

From day one of the investigation, Kassanndra Cantrell’s family has really only had two pieces of solid information: her car was captured leaving her Parkland neighborhood around 8:30 am on Tuesday August 25th,  and about four hours later her phone pinged for the last time near Point Defiance Park in Tacoma. That’s when the trail seemingly ends, and where her loved ones plan to search Saturday, going to businesses in the area and asking them to check surveillance video. “We need to see if they have anything that might show my daughter in the area,” says Marie Smith.

A handful of people have volunteered to help, but Kassanndra’s family is hoping if more people join, they’ll be able to spread out and contact more people faster. “That way I’m not taking up too much of peoples times, people have things to do, so I appreciate any time they can spare.”

Kassanndra’s mother, Marie Smith says she’s been relying on strangers kindness and hope that doesn’t run out as more time goes by and Kassanndra’s case fades from people’s minds. “That’s one of the things I worry about, that people are going to forget her.”

Searching for information is all the family can think to do. They can’t bear to just sit at home and wait. Detectives are also still searching for evidence around the clock. They say they’re still waiting on lab results from a search done 18 days ago at the home of an ex-boyfriend Kassanndra dated over a decade ago. as the days continues to go by, the pain her family feels only deepens.

“Every sound, I imagine that I hear her, or a door, when I doze I have these little snippets of dreams and for a second I think everything is okay that everything got fixed but then I wake up and I realize that was a dream. Being awake is the nightmare. All I want to do is dream, but I can’t sleep.”

If you’d like to help Kassanndra’s family with their search this weekend you can meet them just outside the rose garden at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma at 11 am this Saturday. And if you have any information on Kassanndra’s case, you’re urged to please contact the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.