Dozens of teachers marching from Tulsa to Oklahoma State Capitol: 'I’m determined. I will make it'

BRISTOW, Okla.  -- 60 teachers are still making the trek on day two of a 100-mile march from Tulsa to the Capitol to support the teacher walkout, reports KFOR.

The seven-day journey began Wednesday morning with 150 teachers leaving Tulsa. Not everyone will march the entire way, but the plan is to culminate together in the Capitol on Tuesday.

Early Thursday morning, those teachers who spent the night in Kellyville were joined by others, making a group of about 60 for the walk to Bristow.

"Actually, I’m doing a little bit better than I expected," said Paige White, a Celia Clinton math and science teacher. "I’m 54 years old and do not work out regularly. I feel great. To me, that’s God supporting me and this is what I’m supposed to do."

The teachers said they're in awe at the massive show of support they've seen so far, and it's helped keep them going.

"The energy’s been great," said East Central Junior High reading specialist Maria Copp. "Yesterday we had the enthusiasm of day one, and today we have the strength that we’re still going."

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Cars showed solidarity by honking while they pass, and some people going the extra mile. Demetrius Bereolos and Lori Cain of Tulsa spent the past two days following the group with a trunk full of snacks and water.

"They’re doing all the hard work, the most we can do is come out and give them a little support," Bereolos said.

Food and water has been donated to them at the end of every leg of the journey, as well.

"We even have a guy with Chem-Can that came out and just dropped porta-potties all along our route," said Heather Cody, who coordinated the walk.

It's all done as a statement to legislators ahead of their arrival.

"The distance has to be made now," said Hamilton Elementary School special education teacher Danielle Terrio. " We want next year to be different for us."

Paige White is also just one of hundreds, even thousands, unwilling to give up.

"The only ones who haven't joined us yet are our legislators," White said. "I'm determined. I will make it."