COVID-19 vaccine info: Where to get vaccinated in Washington state

Where can I get vaccinated to protect against COVID-19? Which phase am I in? Q13 News is compiling the information you need to know about getting vaccinated in Washington state.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee in January announced a plan to set up vaccination sites statewide with help from the National Guard and others as part of an overall goal to vaccinate 45,000 people a day.

Inslee said while the goal is currently higher than the current allotment of vaccine the state is receiving from the federal government — 100,000 doses a week — the state is working to get the infrastructure in place now for that amount once doses increase.

COVID-19 vaccine locations in Washington state

Use the interactive map below to find a list of COVID-19 vaccine locations in Washington state, as compiled by the state Department of Health.

Map source: Washington State Department of Health

Check your COVID-19 vaccine eligibility

Washington state launched a new web site where users can check their eligibility to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at

The governor in January also announced a public-private partnership with business, health care and labor entities — led by the state Department of Health — on areas ranging from coordination of volunteer vaccinators to communications support.

Under the plan Kaiser Permanente will be involved with the planning and delivery of mass vaccination, Starbucks will be involved with operations and logistics support, Microsoft will be involved in technology expertise and support and Costco will assist on vaccine delivery by pharmacies.

The Washington State Nurses Association will be on hand for safety and health consultation, and two unions will also play a role. SEIU Healthcare 1199 NW will coordinate volunteer vaccinators and United Food and Commercial Workers 21 will coordinate staffing and training.

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"This is a massive effort," Inslee said. "We are mobilizing thousands of workers and resources to save people from this virus."

"Our vaccine prioritization reflects the need to protect these most vulnerable Washingtonians," Inslee said.

In December, the state started vaccinating health care workers, high-risk first responders and people living or working in nursing homes. And later phases will include people 50 and older who work in congregate settings like agriculture or grocery stores, and those 16 or older with underlying medical conditions.

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