Avian flu confirmed in Pierce & Whatcom Counties, no immediate public health concern

Cases of avian influenza have been detected in two additional Washington counties: Pierce and Whatcom. However, the Washington State Department of Agriculture said that there is no immediate public health concern. 

Last week, bird flu was confirmed in a Pacific County backyard flock. 

Now, the WSDA has confirmed cases in Pierce and Whatcom Counties. 

"Between the two affected flocks, there are a mixture of turkeys, chickens, peacocks, ducks, and waterfowl. The state veterinarian quarantined the premises and the birds that have not already succumbed to the virus will be euthanized," the WSDA said in a statement. 

Wildlife officials also confirmed two cases in wild birds-- a bald eagle at Loon Lake in Stevens County and a Canada goose in Whatcom County. 

Those with backyard birds are asked to call the WSDA if they suspect their flock is sick. 

Avian influenza can be transmitted from wild birds to domestic birds through direct contact, fecal contamination, transmission through the air, environmental contamination, and shared water sources. The virus can also be spread from farm to farm. Both wild and domestic waterfowl can be infected with the virus and not show signs of disease.

Unusual deaths or illness among domestic birds should be reported to the WSDA Avian Health Program at 1-800-606-3056. Report dead or sick wild birds using the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife’s online reporting tool.