Woman attacked in grocery store in Vashon Island, may have stemmed from road rage

A King County woman is recovering after being thrown to the ground while she was shopping for groceries.

Investigators say it all may have started as an incident of road rage, only to somehow come to a boiling point inside the store. 

The victim told FOX 13 News she does not remember cutting anyone off prior to arriving at Vashon Thriftway. She said a stranger instigated a confrontation inside the grocery store and in moments, there was a hand in her face that tossed her to the ground. 

"It’s not the most pleasant experience watching people walking over you," said the victim, 27-year-old Desiree Workun-McIntyre. "I’m not expecting people to do anything. They’re just shopping."

McIntyre said the incident happened last Thursday. Surveillance cameras were rolling and though the assailant is off-screen to the right, McIntyre says after a brief altercation, he wrapped his hands around her face and slammed her onto the floor. She says the altercation went from words to hands in a flash.

"I would like this guy to be held accountable," she said. "If he’s acting violently towards people, he should be held accountable."

McIntyre says Island Center Forest on Vashon Island is a place that brings her peace and shade. Besides the concussion doctors at Tacoma General told her she suffered from the impact, she says her eyes are sensitive to light.

Investigators say witnesses described the attacker as an older white man with short gray hair wearing glasses. He stands around 6’1" tall and weighs about 200 pounds. 

After watching the man check out with his groceries, witnesses could not see the license plate on his white, small SUV.

McIntyre seems to be in good spirits and hopes her attacker gets help, but she will not hold anger for him inside her heart.

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"What is being angry going to do for me?" she asked. "I have no place for that."

McIntyre believes the attacker is likely living on or visiting Vashon Island because he stopped to pay for his groceries before fleeing. 

The King County Sheriff’s Office said no arrests have been made by Tuesday.