At least one person injured in explosion at Bellingham homeless camp

One person was sent to the hospital with minor burns following an explosion at a Bellingham homeless camp. 

According to Bellingham Police, something in a tent at the camp on Civic Field Way caught fire, which then made the tent catch fire. As a result, three propane tanks exploded at the encampment, damaging other tents in the process.

It's unknown if anyone else was injured or treated at the scene, according to police.

The camp was formed after the city cleared out the camp outside City Hall on Jan. 28. Last Tuesday, the city posted a notice that everyone was supposed to be out of this camp by 4 p.m. that Friday.

The city said it's hard to know exactly how many tents are there because many campers have left the pavement and are in an enclosed dugout. 

The city also said that will be taking into consideration what the next steps will be. 

This is a developing story.