Can I be charged with possession if I'm driving a car that isn't mine that has pot in it?

Q: Can I be charged with possession if I borrowed my brother's car and he has marijuana in the car? I was running errands in his car and I got pulled over because his tags were out of date and the officer found a roach in the car. Can I be charged if I didn't know the roach was there? -- Trey, Memphis, Tenn. A: Trey, you can be charged. If that weed or roach is within your reach, or your possession, the police are not going to believe that it's somebody else's -- we hear that story all the time. To avoid this from happening, you need to make sure your brother makes sure his stuff is out of the car, or don't drive a vehicle where that can even be a possibility because you are in control of that car, and that means everything in that car is in your possession. -- Pierce County Sheriff's detective Ed Troyer