Active Friday morning weather; improvements for the weekend

A cold front is slicing through the region this morning with rain, heavy at times, and gusty winds.  There is a Wind Advisory posted now until 10 a.m. for the Washington Coast and the North Interior - areas in orange on this map.  With gusts up to 50 mph we could have tree limbs down over power lines and power outages.  

Wild start to the Fall season...more rain and wind before we dry out this weekend!

Who's ready for round two?  More widespread rain and wind across the region for your Friday.  Our next plume of moisture just off the coast getting all geared up to spray inland.  We'll see heavy squails at times delivering another couple inches of rain for the mountains and about a 1/2 to 1.5" for Puget Sound.   Not only will this strong weather system drop plenty of rain, but hail too and there is the threat of a few pop up thunderstorms embedded in those powerful cells.  And just when we thought the rain was enough, the wind will gust and howl too.