'Fight Club' at St. Louis day care caught on camera

Teachers at Adventure Learning Center in St. Louis organized a one-day fight club for preschoolers in December 2016. The lead teacher organized it after the heater broke in an attempt to entertain the kids.

Witnesses rush to stop man seen beating, stabbing pregnant girlfriend in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas City man faces five felony charges after witnesses told police he beat up and stabbed his pregnant girlfriend.Those same witnesses took action, grabbing 27-year-old Jonathan Holland and holding him until police came, according to WDAF.“As I rounded the corner at 14th and Baltimore, I could hear screams from a distance,” said one witness, Marc Saighman. “I could see one block down a man kicking and punching a woman repeatedly and her screaming.”It happened downtown last Saturday afternoon.Witnesses said they saw Holland, in broad daylight, assaulting his five-week-pregnant girlfriend.“By the time I finished calling the police, saying 'please come quickly,' I saw he had a knife in his hand,” Tom Fehr told WDAF.Police say Holland stabbed the woman in her leg so severely it cut to the bone.Saighman said he started to run in the direction of the 27-year-old.“I saw him turn around and wield a very long knife.