New Starbucks CEO plans to work in stores monthly

Starbucks’ new CEO Laxman Narasimhan says he plans to work a half-day shift once a month in one of the company’s stores in an effort to stay close to the company’s culture and customers.

Labor judge: Starbucks violated worker rights in union fight

A federal labor judge has ordered Starbucks to reinstate fired seven workers, reopen a shuttered location and stop infringing on workers’ rights after finding that the company violated labor laws "hundreds of times" during a unionization campaign in Buffalo, New York.

In new role, Sanders demands answers from Starbucks’ Schultz

As Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders settles into his new role as chairman of the Senate committee that oversees health and labor issues, his first target is Howard Schultz, the interim CEO of Starbucks who has aggressively fought his workers’ efforts to unionize.

As Starbucks unionizing slows, some strike, others skeptical

Labor organizers hope this will be the year that Starbucks' U.S. workers finally negotiate a union contract. But with bargaining at a standstill and thousands of employees still unconvinced of the union's value, that outcome is uncertain.