Honest conversations may be best way to address racism, teens say

Racism exists.Hurtful and vulgar acts occur daily in local schools.That’s what a group of teens had to say last month at a Q13 News panel discussion.“I get really offended,” said Cierra Martinez, a junior from Federal Way. “Just the jokes they try to make about race are just something I feel should be taken a little more serious.

Teens these days may be busier than ever, and it’s stressing them out

Teenage life is busy these days.That’s what a group of high school students we sat down with recently made clear.When asked what was the biggest challenge teens face, junior Hope Martin from Silverdale didn’t hesitate.“I would say it’s definitely extracurriculars with academic classes and trying to find the perfect balance of getting everything you need to get done in a day,” she said.She wasn’t alone in her assessment.“I read this study that Gen z students are depressed, stressed, and grade obsessed,” said Daniel Lee, a junior at Olympia High. “I feel like achievement on grades.

Think teens are consumed by technology? They agree

Technology is often praised for making life easier and more convenient.When we sat down recently with a panel of teens, they talked about how much easier their lives are thanks to the technology at their fingertips.“If I were to pick any tangible piece of like anything that I would have for the rest of my life, to get me through life, it would be my phone,” said Jalen Johnson, 18, a senior at Seattle’s Summit Sierra school. “It wouldn’t be my car.”The teens also discussed the issues technology creates, pointing out not only the pressures tied to social media but also the barriers that their phones and technology create.“I definitely think that phones don’t help,” Johnson said. “We know from neurological science that development happens between interactions between people.