Colorado gay bar shooting suspect facing murder, hate crime charges

The man suspected of opening fire at a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs was being held on murder and hate crime charges Monday, while hundreds of people gathered to honor the five people killed and 17 wounded in the attack on a venue that for decades was a sanctuary for the local LGBTQ community.

Abortion battles in state courts after Supreme Court ruling

Abortion bans were temporarily blocked in Louisiana and Utah, while a federal court in South Carolina said a law sharply restricting the procedure would take effect there immediately as the battle over whether women may end pregnancies shifted from the nation’s highest court to courthouses around the country.

Celebrating 50 years of Title IX

Title IX was signed into law by President Richard Nixon on June 23, 1972. Thursday marks 50 years since gender equality in education became a civil right in America, allowing opportunities that our mothers and grandmothers never had.