Woman says Shelton man forcibly injected her with drugs and raped her

BELFAIR, Wash. – A 22-year-old woman told deputies a man forcibly injected her with drugs and sexually assaulted her after she asked him for a ride Sunday evening.

Aslan Jeffery, a 35-year-old transient who is from Shelton, was charged with first-degree kidnapping and first-degree rape after the incident.

The woman told deputies that Jeffery was a friend of a friend who offered to give her a ride north from Belfair. She said he headed south to Olympia instead, stopping several time and at one point forcibly injected her with drugs.

She said she woke up somewhere else later, at which point Jeffery raped her.

The woman said Jeffery drove to another location, fell asleep and she was able to go to a home nearby and call for help.

When deputies found Jeffery in his car, they said, he refused to come out and they had to break a window to get to him.

Jeffery was also booked on a DOC escape warrant.