Video seems to show little boy dodging sniper fire in Syria to save trapped little girl

SYRIA -- Video purportedly showing a young boy dodging bullets during a firefight in Syria to rescue a little girl has been seen by more than 1-million people on YouTube in just the last few days.

In the clip, posted Monday, it appears the little boy is hit by gunfire and then drops to the ground.

Seconds pass and then the boy leaps to his feet and runs to the back of a vehicle where he grabs hold of a little girl hiding there.

The boy then pulls the girl through another hail of bullets and off screen to safety.

One question that has arisen about the video is whether the little boy was actually hit or whether he was faking it to shake off the snipers.

Either way, that little boy is being called a hero in much of the region.

However, American military officials say they have no way of knowing whether the video is real or not.  It has also yet to be determined the location or even the date the video would have been shot if it is real.

It is also unclear who is doing the shooting, whether it is government soldiers or militants.

The video was posted by the Shaam News Network, a news organization run by Syrian activists in Damascu.