Tiny House Village for homeless set to open in Seattle

SEATTLE -- A different approach to helping the homeless off the streets is transforming a vacant lot in a Seattle neighborhood. The Low Income Housing Institute says a new Tiny House Village is nearly complete in the Central District.

Just over a dozen tiny houses, which are about the size of a bedroom, are being installed near the Lutheran Church of the Good Sheppard.

Dennis McCrea is not just another volunteer helping install the homes, but he’s also the first to move-in.

“It’s a lot less stressful. You can think about what you have to do to move forward not where you are going to sleep every night,” said McCrea.

Organizers say donations helped cover the cost of the materials for each home. Many of them were built by volunteers including students at the Seattle Vocational Institute.

“When they have an actual place to open the door and go in and have a place to sit down and be warm, I think it is no greater feeling to have that for your own,” said Lawrence Willis with the Seattle Vocational Institute.

For those moving in, it’s an opportunity to get off the streets. McCrea says he’s thankful to call the Tiny House Village his home.

“This is nice. This will work until I get back on my feet,” said McCrea.

Organizers say some of the people moving in have jobs and this will help them save money. Everyone will pay a $90 fee each month for sewage and electric.

The official opening of the Tiny House Village is Saturday January 23, according to the Low Income Housing Institute Facebook page.