Thrift store may be forced to close after burglar nabs $5,000

EVERETT -- A burglar caught on camera stealing thousands of dollars from a secondhand store could mean the days are numbered for the nonprofit running the business.

The managers at Always Something Thrift Store said the burglar got away with nearly $5,000 during the break-in. The managers are also worried the crime was an inside job.

“That’s a violation itself,” said Nola Curry. “It means we probably can’t pay rent this month and it’s due right now.”

Curry said the store donates secondhand items and cash to nearly a dozen other local nonprofits, from helping the homeless to providing job skills. Curry said their outreach is now in jeopardy.

“We touch a lot of lives and we’re able to do that because we have the store,” said Curry. “Without the store we can’t do that.”

“If we can’t recover, unfortunately the store closes,” said manager Kim Biegl.

The thief didn’t stop at the donation jar. Curry believes he knew exactly where to score big by using a key to get inside the safe, making off with thousands of dollars.

“It’s an inside job,” said Curry. “Somebody gave them information to be able to come up to this office.”

The thief’s clothing could be a big clue – Curry thinks the crook was wearing an Affliction hoodie. Curry hopes someone knows the identity of the thief and calls police.

“It’s rotten of this person to come and take that away from us and from the community,” Curry said.

Curry is pleading with the community to help save the store. She’s asking for donations of cash and secondhand items to sell, just so they can keep their doors open.