Seattle man asks ex-girlfriends to review him on dating app, what happened next will be made into a movie

Editor's note: This story contains language some may find offensive

SEATTLE -- One restless night recently in Seattle, 26-year-old engineer Jake Chapman decided to change up his dating strategy.

“I've been taking dating a little too serious lately,” he posted on reddit last week. “So I decided to ask my ex-girlfriends at 1am to write a 1-2 sentence review about me for my Tinder profile and rate me 1-5 stars.”

Chapman wrote that it worked out exactly as he thought it would (at least initially).

"1 ex won't stop texting me now, and the others hate me even more then when they left to begin with," he wrote.  "But hey, at least my matches are blowing up baha."

Here's how Chapman updated his Tinder profile.

Chapman's unique profile kind of blew up on the dating app and then on social media and he started getting all kinds of attention.

Then something unexpected happened.

"After seeing the image on Twitter and Facebook one of my exes that I left, Taylor, decided she was hurt that I didn't think of her and decided to text me her review which has now been added to the profile."

Chapman wrote that Taylor gave him 4.5 stars and wrote a glowing review.

"He's got a job, condo, dog, fast car, can cook, good with his hands :) and is a complete sweet heart. The only thing keeping me from trying to be with him is 1,155 miles"

Taylor lives in southern California.

But that's not where the story ends.

"Less then 3 hours after Taylor writing her review about me and telling me she has a boyfriend, I get this," wrote Chapman who then posted a screen capture of a text conversation.

Got that?  boyfriend has been dumped.

You know where this is going now right?

"Everybody wants to know what's going on with Taylor," wrote Chapman.  "I woke up this morning to a text from her."

Now as the internet waits breathlessly for news of Taylor's visit to Seattle we are pretty sure someone in Hollywood is furiously working on a script.

Sleepless in Seattle 2?

UPDATE:  After openly wondering on the air whether this might be some kind of viral stunt, Chapman himself tweeted us.