'Seattle Made Market Day' next weekend to focus on local ingredients

SEATTLE -- It’s an icon in downtown Seattle that’s more than just a tourist spot.

For Seattleites, Pike Place Market is a spot where you can find many things made in the Emerald City.

This coming weekend, the city wants to celebrate that with “Seattle Made Market Day.”

At Honest Biscuits at Pike Place, the biscuits are made fresh every day and they’re all made with local ingredients.

“Buying local is in our DNA and we’ve always done it. It’s an important part of the whole business,” said Art Stone, owner of Honest Biscuits.

In 2013, Stone took everything he knew about biscuits and opened a shop at Pike Place Market.

“I think people who move here think of Pike Place as a big tourist attraction, but it’s popular with tourists because it’s so unique, it’s not full of chains that you can find anywhere else, it’s full of unique stores and unique people,” said Stone.

It’s those unique people that Stone has worked with to come up with new ideas.

“If you’re buying local from us, you’re buying double local because we’re getting our ingredients local so you’re supporting a lot of local stuff instead of some corporation somewhere in Connecticut."

Pike Place Market is full of stories like Honest Biscuits and vendors say local shoppers are noticing.

“I think it’s really good. I think a lot of people who are local are coming down here and want to support the market and support smaller businesses,” said Carrie Narducci, owner of Pattern and Posy.

Narducci has been selling her block print tea towels and baby clothes at Pike Place for about a year and half. She said that selling at the market leaves her feeling inspired.

“People come and say they’re looking for a gift that’s unique and hand-made and made here in Seattle and I think people, more and more, are looking for that,” said Narducci.

On October 14, “Seattle Made” Market Day will feature 35 local companies that make crafts, food and more, with local supplies and ingredients. It’s also a chance to check out the new Pike Place Market expansion, which opened in June.