Seahawks fans finding deals on tickets, travel to Minnesota for Sunday's playoff game

RENTON, Wash. -- Mitch Bosse and his son Zach are getting their cold weather gear ready for this weekend. They say the temperature didn’t factor into their decision to go to the playoffs.

“It’s totally worth it, just layer up,” says Zach.

Mitch says he booked the trip, after looking at prices for flights and tickets Sunday night.

“You can make it happen, you just have to be savvy, watch the market.”

Lots of 12s are doing online searches right now to see if they can afford the trip. One travel expert says we’re lucky that we’re playing the Vikings.

“The good news for Seahawks fans is that Minneapolis is a very affordable market, it’s close, it’s relatively low cost on the airfares and there’s plenty of hotel space,” says Steve Danishek.

Getting tickets to the games isn’t that expensive either. NFL Ticket Exchange has seats available for as little as $60. By comparison, the cheapest ticket to the Green Bay-Washington game is $144.

Mitch went to Minnesota earlier this season and says he’s excited to go back.

“It’s not a big stadium, the seats we had were just awesome and they were very reasonable.”

He thought about waiting to see if the team kept winning. Danishek says it could cost more to go to later games.

“Fans are going to be deciding whether to go to the Vikings game, or hold back and go to the Panthers game. The Panthers game is going to cost about twice as much, in terms of airfare and hotel.”

Mitch and Zach are excited to cheer on the Hawks this weekend. They say fans who haven’t been to an away game don’t know what they’re missing.

“You get to see different places and different stadiums, and I just think it's awesome,” says Zach.

“The home games are great, but there's something about being on the road,” adds Mitch. “Having the other Seahawks fans around you, it's just a blast.”

Experts say if you are booking a trip, do the research and read the fine print. You don’t want to go halfway across the country and find out your hotel isn’t close to the stadium or that game tickets weren’t part of your package.