Seahawks complete biggest comeback in franchise history, beat Buccaneers 27-24

SEATTLE -- Things looked bleak early on.

The Seattle Seahawks nearly had their 11-game home winning streak snapped by the woeful Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday at CenturyLink Field, trailing the Bucs 21-0 in the second half.

But the one-loss Hawks showed their grit and toughness, making up for early mistakes to beat the team from Tampa Bay 27-24 in overtime.

Those early mistakes caused big headaches for  the Hawks and a sold out crowd at CenturyLink Field. A fumble on a Jermaine Kearse kick-off return led to the third Bucs touchdown of the first half, putting the Hawks down 21-0 with 2:23 to go in the first half. The Hawks gave up three turnovers, including an uncharacteristic two-interception game from Russell Wilson, with one coming the Hawks' 10-yard line as the team late.

Wide reciver Doug Baldwin said even with a comeback win, the Hawks have not put together a complete offensive performance.

"The offense is yet to put together a solid four quarters," Doug Baldwin said after the game. "But we find ways to win."

The Hawks again struggled to contain the running game, with Mike James gashing the Hawks for 158 yards on 28 carries.

"We showed a little vulnerability last week," linebacker Bobby Wagner said about the rushing defense. "We knew they were going to do that again."

But a 10-yard Russell Wilson touchdown run with 5:06 left in the 3rd quarter was the spark the team needed to turn the game around. Doug Baldwin tied the game up 24-24 with a 10-yard pass from Russell Wilson with less than two minutes to go in regulation. A nice defensive stop on the Bucs in overtime set the Hawks up in good field position and allowed Steven Hauschka to nail a 27 yard field goal to cement the win and the biggest turnaround victory in franchise history.

Wilson ended the game 19-for-26, and despite the two interceptions showed tremendous poise and confidence to lead the Hawks down the field late, coach Pete Carroll said.

"He put us on his back yet again," Carroll said after the game.

Marshawn Lynch had his second 100-yard rushing game of the Season, finishing with 21 carries and 125 yards. He left the game briefly in the first quarter with knee issues, but seemed strong late.

The 8-1 Hawks will head to Atlanta next Sunday to face the 2-6 Falcons. The game will be broadcast on Q13 FOX.

Live updates from the game 

 -- The Seahawks are certainly a second half team,

 -- Mike James has 156 yards rushing for the Hawks. The run continues to gash the Hawks defense.

 -- The Hawks and Bucs are headed to overtime. What a comeback for the Hawks so far, as they were down by 21 points in the third quarter.

 -- Another defensive stop for the Hawks on 4th down. There is 20 seconds remaining in the game and it is tied up. Earl Thomas comes out of nowhere for a stop. Greg Schiano is leaving his offense on the field, apparently to draw the Hawks offsides.

 -- Hawks face a third down and five with 2 minutes remaining. The ball is on the 10-yard line.

 -- John Pierre now in center for Max Unger. Max Unger is out for the game. Unger is out with a concussion. 3rd and three upcoming for the Seahawks...

 -- Ugh. The Hawks throw a pick on their own 3 and the Bucs takeover on their own 20. About 7 minutes left in the game.

 -- Jermaine Kearse has a beautiful 27-yard catch from WIlson to put the Hawks on the Bucs' 3.

 -- Wilson is looking solid after a slow first half. He is 13-for18 with 135 yards and one interception.

 -- Sack by Chris Clemons! The Bucs are going to have to punt. Seahawks will get the ball on the 25-yardline.

 -- Steven Hauschka puts the Seahawks within 7 with about 14 minutes left in the 4th quarter.  Hawks trail 17-24. It's go time, Hawks fans.

 -- Bucs lead by 10, but the Hawks have the ball on about the Bucs' 25.

-- The Bucs are forced to punt it away. That's only the Hawks second stop on third down.

 -- The Bucs are dominating time of possession by almost 10 minutes. This is the second week in a row this has happened against the Seahawks.

 -- Seahawks are driving. We keep looking at the clock. Down three scores with 6:03 left in the third. The crowd is starting to get back into it.

 -- Lynch gets a 13-yard run to get out near midfield. Lynch is averaging about 6 yards per run. Not too shabby, and is the one bright spot so far in this game.

 -- The Bucs kick a field goal to go up 24-7 with 9:48 to go in the third quarter. 

 -- The Bucs are 3-for-3 in the Redzone so far this game. The run continues to gash the Hawks. The Bucs have a third-and-long coming up.

 -- The Bucs complete another third down. Their in Hawks territory and driving again to start the 3rd quarter. The Hawks could use a stop...

 -- Pete Carroll, "The Bucs don't look like an 0-7 team to me, does it?"

The Bucs lead the Hawks 21-7 at the end of the first half

 -- The Bucs are killing the Hawks on third down. They are 7-for-8 on third down  attempts.

 -- The Seahawks have never overcome a 21-0 deficit in their history. Lets hope this season is a season of firsts.

 -- TOUCHDOWN SEAHAWKS! Wilson to Kearse for with 1:30 left in the game cuts the lead to 14. 

 -- Hawks are driving here with about 1:45 left in the first half. They really need a touchdown here before they go into the half to cut the lead to 14. The Bucs will get the ball to start the second quarter.

 -- This is the Hawks' largest deficit of the season.

 -- The Bucs are really pulling out all the stops today. They lead 21-0 with 2 minutes left in the second 2nd quarter. 

 -- Jermaine Kearse fumbles on the kickoff and the Bucs pick it up on the Hawks 31. Bucs have first and goal on the 2.

 -- Touchdown Buccaneers. They take a 14-0 lead with 2:55 left in the first half.  The last drive was 84 yards long.

 -- The Bucs are six of seven on 3rd down.

 -- Underwood secures a first-down and gets the ball out to near the Hawks 44. The 12s are quieting down a bit in CenturLink.

 -- The Bucs have 10 first downs and 93 total yards with 8:57 left in the first half. This isn't yet a blowout many Hawks fans expected, and the Bucs are driving again and near midfield.

 -- Kearse drops a pass. Two dropped passes in a row. Wilson takes it to the 44-yard line but it looks like the Hawks will have to punt. What is up here, guys?

 -- Surprise onside kick! The Bucs are pulling out all the stops. Luckily, an offside penalty forces a re-kick and the Hawks get the ball on their own 25.

 -- M. Glennon passes to T. Wright for a 12 yard touchdown pass and puts the Bucks up 7-0 with 11:50 left in the first half.

 -- The Hawks suffer a big time pass interference penalty to put the Bucs on the Hawks 22. The Hawks are having trouble getting much going on offense. and look a little tired on defense.

 -- Bucs get a long first down, but a false start penalty pushes them back.

 -- Marshawn Lynch has a bit of knee issue. His return is probable. Hawks are forced to punt and the Bucs get the ball on their own 11.

 -- Wilson takes a big helmet to helmet hit for a 15-yard penalty. Hate to see our man continue to get the hits.

 -- Bucs have to punt the ball and the Hawks will get the ball on their own 20.

 -- The Bucs get their first first down of the game. Lets hope the run doesn't gash the Hawks like last week.

 -- There's some question whether or not the defense will be tired from Monday night's game, where they were on the field for 71 plays.

 -- Russell Wilson throws an interception to stop a promising drive. Wilson hasn't thrown many interceptions this season.  There could have been some miscues on that play.

 -- Golden Tate is the Seahawks leading receiver this season.

 -- Marshawn Lynch already has 43 yards on the game.

 -- Again the offensive line looks shaky at best. Wilson rushed out. Great pass to tight end Zach Miller to pick up 10 on third down.

 -- Wilson sacked. Lets see we don't see many of those today. He was sacked 7 times against the Rams.

 -- Lynch gets the ball to start the game. Already has about 20 yards. Best mode.

-- Kickoff! Hawks get the ball on their 20.