Record-breaking 1,001 marriage licenses issued since Dec. 6

Business is brisk down at the King County Recorder's Office, with 1,001 marriage licenses issued by noon Monday since same-sex marriage became legal on Dec. 6.

“December is typically our slowest month for marriage licenses, but due to the new marriage equality law, that’s not been the case this month,” Jon Scherer, recording manager, said in a statement. “Our volume of business this December has been more like a typical July, when we can issue as many as 2,000 marriage licenses.”

On Dec. 6 the Recorder's Office handed out a record-breaking 489 marriage licenses over the course of 18-1/2 hours. And demand for same-sex marriage licenses doesn't appear to be declining -- the daily volume of applications at the Recorder’s Office is more than double the amount the office handles in a typical December.

“We expect that the demand for marriage licenses will continue to remain high for at least the next several months,” Scherer added.