Prosecutors charge Bothell teacher accused of injuring himself, making up attack story

BOTHELL, Wash. -- Prosecutors on Friday filed charges against the Bothell High School woodshop teacher who recently admitted to making up a story about being viciously attacked.

The city of Bothell prosecutor's office charged Calvin Pygott, 63, with two gross misdemeanors: making a false statement to a public servant and obstructing public officers. If convicted, Pygott could face 364 days in jail and a $5,000 fine for each charge.

"The charges come after the prosecutor received the City of Bothell Police Department’s formal report of the investigation. Significant government resources were used investigating the alleged attack, not only by the City of Bothell but also by the state crime lab, although exact costs are unknown at this time."

In May, Pygott was found inside his woodshop classroom after school with an injury to the back of the head and a zip-tie around his neck. News of the alleged violent attack shook the residents of Bothell. Concerned Bothell High School students wore blue the following Monday and signed a large banner to show support for the popular teacher.

After seeing signs that Pygott was not telling the truth, police said they gave him the opportunity to give another statement and he eventually confessed to making up the story. Police said Pygott told investigators he intentionally injured himself, placed the zip tie around his own neck and fabricated other evidence.

Investigators also noted in a news conference last month that there was no suspect in the surveillance video at the school. There were many inconsistencies in Pygott's story from the beginning of the investigation, they said.

The Northshore School District has also filed an administrative complaint with the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. The district says Pygott “deliberately misrepresented” facts about the May 19 attack.

Pygott is scheduled for arraignment on Sept. 20 at Bothell Municipal Court.