Police: 'Mostly naked' suspect sexually assaulted woman, threatened man with machete

PARKLAND -- Police arrested a "mostly naked" man for allegedly grabbing a woman in a parking lot, making her touch him and then threatening her boyfriend with a machete.

Around 12:30 a.m. Friday, Pierce County sheriff's deputies received a call from a woman who claimed she was sexually assaulted while walking through a parking near the 11000 block of A Street South in Parkland, court documents show.

Once on scene, the woman told police a "mostly naked" man grabbed her arm while she walked through the parking lot. The man forced the victim to touch his genitals, documents show, before the victim screamed and pushed the suspect away.

The victim ran home and told her boyfriend what happened. The boyfriend ran to the parking lot, and followed the victim to his nearby home. The victim's boyfriend knocked on the door, and the suspect allegedly opened, holding a machete in his hand. The suspect allegedly said "What's up, I will cut you," victim's boyfriend told police.

Police contacted the suspect, who answered the door at his residence holding a machete over his head. He dropped the weapon when asked, and denied ever forcing himself upon the victim.

The suspect was arrested and being held in Pierce County Jail. He has two prior convictions for indecent exposure.