Plans to build a new, $160 million Seattle police precinct come under fire

SEATTLE -- Heated outbursts and debate took place Wednesday  at Seattle City Hall, as protesters from Black Lives Matter slammed a plan by the city to spend $160 million on a new police precinct in the north part of town.

“The money from the bunker could be much better served in recruiting police officers from the communities that they actually serve,” said Kirsten Harris Talley, making reference to what protesters argue is a “bunker” for police.

“This is not the answer to what is wrong with the north end,” said Tom Barnard.

With a price tag of $160 million, the new north end police precinct is by far the most expensive precinct the city has ever built, and actually more expensive that  almost any police building in the entire country.

But some who live in the north end, where crime has been a problem, argued at the hearing that replacing the current rundown facility will help improve police in in their part of town.

“This is part of the infrastructure improvement that our city needs,” said Rudy Risler.  “Our city at the moment is growing like crazy, and we need to keep up.”

City Council members are considering making some cuts to the project, including reducing the size of the parking garage.