Picking the best preschool isn't as easy as it sounds

SEATTLE - All this week on Q13 FOX News This Morning we've been helping parents with the daunting task of childcare.

Today we are looking at how to pick the best preschool for your little one. At Seattle's Magnolia Co-op Preschool, it’s all fun and games.

“They are playing, that’s a critical piece of learning, playing is often underrated,” says teacher Adele Anderson.

Anderson says preschool the best way to get your little one ready for the real deal.

“It's very critical because kids who don't go to preschool are missing out,” says Anderson.

Most kids go to preschool between three and five but at this local preschool, kids can start as young as one.

“Lifelong learning really does start when these kids are really young,” says Anderson.

What makes the Magnolia Co-op Preschool different is that parents and children learn together, with parents acting like teachers. So how do you find the right fit?

Ask around, talk to your friends and do your research. Go for a visit to get the vibe of the school. Ask about the teacher-student ratio.

What about the safety measures? And make sure it's fun!

When it comes to looking and choosing a preschool, a good rule of thumb is to start looking about a year before you want them to enroll.

To learn more about the Magnolia Co-op Preschool, click this link.