Orca Pod-Cast Episode 1: The Last Generation of Southern Resident Orcas?

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We begin with a mother orca's 17-day "tour of grief." How J35's display captured the attention of the world as she pushed her dead calf for more than 1,000 miles. And how Q13 News' Simone Del Rosario began diving deeper into the plight of the iconic killer whales.

About the Orca Pod-Cast: In the summer of 2018, an endangered southern resident orca calf died off the coast of Washington. But rather than drop her calf, her mother picked it up for the world to see. She carried her dead calf for 17 days on what many called a “Tour of Grief.”

Her tour epitomized the plight these icons face; starving without salmon, deafened by boat noise and pollution in their home waterways. In this Orca Pod-cast, we learn from a year of investigations by Q13 News correspondent Simone Del Rosario. We interview the biologists doing the research, talk with tribal and state leaders and hear from the public yearning for the orcas’ survival. Finally, we hope to answer the question, “Can these southern resident orcas be saved?”