Neighbors clean up after flooding damages homes, property in Brinnon

BRINNON, Wash. -- Another river near Hood Canal overflowed its banks Wednesday forcing firefighters to evacuate eight people.

The waters subsided Thursday giving neighbors the chance to survey the damage, but they are not out of danger yet.

Firefighters were able to save a couple of trucks, but the water flooded Station 42 in five feet of water. The building is a total loss and they are out nearly $200,000.

Ephraim Barney's place flooded -- everything in the garage is coated with a film of mud. He said the water was at least a foot high.

"Cleared out the whole carport over there, all my tools went floating out," Barney said.

Everywhere you look there is damage along Kelly Road. Debris piled up along tree lines and small creeks now run through front yards.

"We never had any idea it would be this bad," said Bob Shadbolt who survived the flood.

Shadbolt decided to stay home during the flood. His house was spared, but he did lose a few things to the rushing Duckabush River.

"Looking for some of my property that floated away -- some flower boxes and things I might try to salvage. We try to run people out of here because frankly this stuff is ours not theirs," he said.

The 9-1-1 center in Port Hadlock is now getting help from nearby Clallum County after their systems went down Thursday afternoon.

"I'm hoping it's repaired in time, so when the storm hits we'll be back fully functional," said Jerrcom 9-1-1's Kart Hatton.

Now the people near Brinnon hope the river stays inside its banks, so they can salvage what did not float away.

Never seen it this bad before and it's done a tremendous amount of damage," Barney said.

The next problem for the area is the high winds that are expected. The ground is super saturated which means trees could easily topple over.